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Why Red Rose Franchise ?


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Reasons to pioneer a RED ROSE SCHOOL Franchise

Time-tested Brand


You are permitted to use the RED ROSE SCHOOL brand, which has a promise to be one of the State’s leading and most established education brands.

Corporate organisation and systematized operations owing to years of experience.

Widespread word of mouth publicity.

Thousands of alumnus nationwide can vouch for the solid foundation given to them at RED ROSE SCHOOL

Vibrant Portal maintained for each school at www.redroseschools.com and www.redrosegroup.org.


Exploratory Organisation


The Group is promoted and managed by concerned and committed Hard-core Academicians, supported by appropriately qualified people.

Education System based on 31 years of research and experience.

The School system developed from ‘Time-tested and easy-to-comprehend Practices’.

Our experience helps you avoid costly start-up mistakes and ultimately save on costs.

Curriculum-completion designed by the expert educationists.

Continuous observance & upgradation of the system as per the changing requirements.


Confirmed Success & Promising future


Academically proven model since 1977.

Access to a successful online support network from across the State!

Assured personalized support ensuring higher success rate in the franchise sector in India.

Secure venture irrespective of depression in economic cycles as people do not compromise on education of their children.


Specialist Academic and Technical Support


Assistance in Site Selection.

Architectural Guidance to create/ modify a very functional environment.

Help to procure financial support.

Tailor-made Intellectual Support to support and enhance academic value of your investment.

Clearly distinct territory in your agreement to ensure the safety of your investment and efforts.

Royalty- value for money!


License Fee includes all of the following projects


From Nursery to Senior / Higher Secondary level or O or A level, as per choice of affiliation.


Cost-benefit Ratio


NTT (Nursery Teacher Training) or B.Ed. Optional (at a special price).

No Hidden Cost.

Marketing support and Bulk media buying at a very special price.

Corporate buying power, centralized designs & marketing material, pooled advertising costs and assistance in negotiations resulting in cost reduction.

Fee received in advance, therefore no bad debts.

Convenient working hours thereby, giving you ample time for personal growth.

Watch your investment grow and get the satisfaction of a positive working environment.

Enjoy a sense of ownership and garner respect in the Society.


Our Support System Ensures Success because Success is a Tradition at Red Rose!


Day-to-day Collaboration


Guidance in School designing as per your specific needs to make it really functional and cost-effective.

Assistance in procuring materials like equipment, furniture and fixtures along with standardised specifications.

Advice on installation, maintenance and upgradation of Computer hardware, software and systems.

Supply of Corporate Package of registration forms, manuals and recruitment materials which can be customised as per your need.

Assistance by Franchisee Supervisors who will be the contact point for day-to-day queries.

Bulk procurement of supplies, to help you save in purchasing.


Recruitment & Training


Relentless support from the Human Resource Branch of the Head office.

Help to identify and recruit qualified staff for our School.

Uniquely designed 'Training Guide'.

Regular training of the facilitators to ensure high standards of education.


Marketing Guidance


Guidelines for launching of the School, including marketing and publicity material and low-cost effective promotion schemes.

Implementation of Annual Marketing Plan at very economical cost.

Guidance on PR approach and regular presence in Media.

Access to professional advertising, promotional and marketing material such as designs for brochures, newspaper advertisements, direct mailing, leaflets, banners, cable advertising, graphic design & copywriting.

Unique 'Parental Involvement Programmes’ to develop and enhance cordial parent relations.


Academic Research & Development Cell


Comprehensive curriculum, which will be continuously researched and updated to give our School a leading edge.

Regular contact with the Academic R&D department through our website and cell phones.

Manuals for Regular and special assemblies, Excursions, Activities, celebrations, Annual Day, Sports Day, Competitions and other co-curricular events.

Continuous Monitoring system to ensure quality.



Monitoring & Quality control


Regular Administrative Systems and Manuals for day-to-day running the school.

Quality measurement to check deviation from set norms.

Easy and simple reporting formats to ensure convenience for every branch

Prompt corrective actions to ensure smooth functioning of all branches