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Chairman's Prologue



What has been taught to our generation and what is being fed into the heads of the current generation needs to be re-looked by the policy makers! 

Being an educated person means one has access to optimal states of mind regardless of the situation one is in and though the basic aim of education has always been to sensitize the scholars to the various situations of life, creating a reflex system in the mind whereby decision-making is justified and resultantly, action comes in handy, it is unacceptable to see that undue emphasis is being put on ‘learning’ things which will be of scant use in life. Importance is being attached to memorizing than on responsiveness. 


A child's mind is a highly productive machine. We as teachers need to make sure that we tune this machine in such a manner that it becomes responsive and in turn, helps the child become a successful, supportive and satisfied human being for teacher isn't worth a great deal if he teaches young people how to make a living but doesn't teach them how to make a life.

To me, education is useless if it doesn’t agitate the human mind. Education has to stir the otherwise programmed brain to think and think differently. Education must tell the learner that it is important for one to think out of the box, for history is not scripted by people who have a programmed mind, but by heroes who dared to think differently and acted accordingly. 

It is a process that must be initiated by the teachers. It is a foregone conclusion that teachers effectively affect the lives of every child they come in touch with. Here, it becomes the primary responsibility of the teachers to sow the seed in their pupils to think and act differently. Teachers must themselves think and teach differently. All teachers have role models, whose gestures and mannerisms inadvertently drive them on. Without realising that generations and demands of time have charged, teachers continue to imitate them. A lot of water has flown ever since. Teachers must teach in a manner so that their pupils are able to address the demands of changing times. And it becomes equally important for the teacher to make sure that pupils remain sensitive to their immediate surroundings and keep their emotional side awaked to the demands, first of the family, followed by the society, which ultimately sensitizes them to the demands of the nation. It is a great task and would need humungous efforts from teachers of today and tomorrow. They have a task cut out for them.

We, at Red Rose Group, believe that children are the most valuable treasure of their parents and when the parents entrust us with the responsibility of their children, we must make sure that the faith that they have reposed in us must remain intact. We believe that we are responsible and accountable. It is a constant endeavor at our end to make our teachers think and act differently and make sure that the effect passes on to the newer, more alive, more informed, more awakened, more versatile, more amiable and hence, more demanding generation.


Sumeet Ponda


The Red Rose Group