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Minimum Requirement for a Regular Nursery-Class 12th Day School

The land should not be less than 2 acres with adequate building and there must be an arrangement with other institution/organization for imparting physical and health education and conducting games in their grounds for a proposed CBSE School. Minimum 1 acre for an MPBSE School.

In hilly areas, the land should not be less than one acre. The norms as prescribed by the Planning Commission shall be applicable for determining the eligibility in hilly areas.

In case of lease, it will be acceptable only if it is for a minimum of 30 years and in favour of the Trust/ Society/ School by way of a duly registered deed



Land Area for Residential School


The school must possess about 10 acres of land. This type of School will have the CBSE system and if needed, backed up by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES)or the International Baccalaureate (IB) system. These schools will be groomed as global in all approaches and may be setup in India or Abroad.


To start your own Red Rose School branch -  just follow the following steps:

Fill the Franchise Appraisal Form

Get the Site/Building Approved by the Red Rose School Management

Sign the Standard Franchise Agreement

Confirm the Funding Arrangements with Financial Institutions (if required)

Start the School Design Process

Start the School Construction

Procure Teaching Equipment, Furniture, ICT Equipment etc. from Suppliers

Follow Red Rose School Guidelines to Attract & Appoint Quality Staff and Arrange for their Training

Launch the School with Advertisements and PR in Consultation with the Red Rose School Marketing Department

Congratulations! Now just follow the Systematic Red Rose School System on a day-to-day basis to ensure a truly satisfying Schooling Experience for your Children